Cherry Gardens

The namesake site behind our brand. My parents planted this vineyard in 1996, replacing rows of strawberries with two clones of west-facing Shiraz vines. At the top of the hill sits a trigg point, which marks the most prominent geological formation in the surrounding countryside. It's a beautiful view from the top at 375 metres ASL, looking out over the coastline to Glenelg. The soil profile is lean and shale-strewn at the crest of the hill, which gives structure and tannin depth to the wines. Towards the bottom of the hill the soil becomes more friendly, and the vines can stretch their legs deeper here, with more aromatics and vibrancy. We farm gently with organic practices, composting and encouraging as much mid-row biodiversity as possible. It's a special vineyard to me, as it planted the seed for my journey into the wine world.

Cherry Gardens
Adelaide Hills