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Spring Newsletter

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Spring has had a few misfirings at getting underway, but the days are now starting to settle into some lovely, balmy evenings and there is a real buzz taking shape outside again. In the vineyard, we have been busy getting out some foliar sprays to keep the mildew risk in check this season (which has been a bit more threatening than normal). These foliar sprays include sulphur and copper, plus our own liquid brew (kelp, humic/fulvic, fish, stinging nettle tea, molasses and cola). It's a concoction of organic goodness, and we are pretty sure the vines love it, going by the way they are growing this year. We have also planted a stack of sunflower seeds, borage and calendula between the little bushvines to keep the birds and bees happy. 

In the winery we are working through the "rack and returns" on the reds in barrel, which cleans them up off the heavier deposited lees that settled over winter, then hot washing the barrels and tucking them back into oak again. There has also been quite a bit of bottling lately, and I am very glad to say that our Main & Cherry Adelaide Hills white wines have now been released. There is also a new special release in the way of reds, but that story may have to wait for another newsletter, as this one is having some quiet time in the bottle before getting out to socialise.

Until next time, and as always, thanks for your support!